Zausmer Ends Term  as ADL Austin Board Chair

Zausmer Ends Term as ADL Austin Board Chair

By Yael Brown

As 2017 comes to an end, ADL Austin is also closing a chapter in its history. Gary Zausmer ends his two-year term as ADL Austin board chair, a position that he held with poise and integrity.

“We can never really thank Gary enough for taking on the mantle of leadership as chair of ADL Austin these past two years,” said board member and former chair, Sherrie Frachtman. “He has selflessly shared his time, wisdom and intellect, working collaboratively with the staff and guiding our board. We have been incredibly fortunate to have a person of such integrity and compassion serving in this capacity.

Zausmer, a litigator with Enoch Kever, has inspired others to become equally devoted to the Anti-Defamation League.

Incoming Board Chair Jared Lindauer explained, “Gary is an incredibly thoughtful leader. His unique ability to understand issues from a wide variety of perspectives enables him to quickly provide insightful advice and guidance. Under his leadership, ADL Austin has become a stronger organization from top to bottom that is better positioned to serve the Austin community, stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and secure justice and fair treatment for all.”

Past Board Chair Robyn Sperling said, “When my term as chair ended, the national increase in anti-Semitism and discrimination incidents was shocking and it seemed ADL had more work ahead of itself than ever before. I am so grateful that Gary succeeded my term as chair. He’s a softspoken and powerful leader.

Upon reflection of Zausmer’s leadership, Renee Lafair, regional director of ADL Austin, explained that his guidance in ADL’s work in civil rights, No Place for Hate education program, and law enforcement, has been extremely valuable.

“Gary inspires others by leading with both grace and strength. The impact he’s made as board chair speaks to his commitment to ADL’s mission. He’s a visionary – Gary’s work is always about excellence, and he raises the bar with every project. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive board chair,” said Lafair.

Mayor Steve Adler also weighed in on Zausmer’s leadership. He said, “The ADL has always been an incredibly important organization to me and I am so proud to have seen the leadership Gary Zausmer has displayed as board chair. He’s led ADL Austin to new heights in combating hate in our community.”

Zausmer’s term as board chair has been defined by bringing excellence to everything that he does and by making ADL more well-known throughout the community. ADL leadership looks forward to continued collaborations with Zausmer. ■

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