Eight Reasons to Send Your Child to Austin Jewish Academy

Eight Reasons to Send Your Child to Austin Jewish Academy


Families choose AJA because of our progressive educational program and meaningful Jewish Studies. Grounded in the understanding that cognition and emotion are tightly intertwined, we embrace a 360° project-based approach to supporting and educating every AJA student. Read on to discover eight reasons to send your child to AJA!

1 We embrace progressive, experiential education.
Austin Jewish Academy is a Kindergarten through eighth grade community day school serving families from all across the spectrum of Jewish identity and observance, regardless of affiliation.

Our Project Based Learning curriculum teaches students to collaboratively solve real-world problems. Teachers work together to meet individual student’s needs, so every child experiences deeper learning and develops high expectations of personal excellence.

2 Our school family is a caring and close community.
Today’s parents aren’t just looking for a school; they are looking for community too. Current AJA parents can tell you that they’ve found one here. We celebrate life’s joys together and take care of each other in times of need. Additionally, Austin Jewish Academy partners with our parents providing learning opportunities for both our students and their families.

3 Students learn and live timeless Jewish values.
When a child attends Austin Jewish Academy, he or she not only learns about Jewish values in the classroom, but is encouraged to live those values and view the world through a Jewish lens. Values like Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), Chesed (kindness), and Yushrah (integrity) are infused into the classroom curriculum as well as the Social Emotional Learning that takes place on a day to day basis. In classrooms, on the playground and throughout the AJA experience, students live Jewish values and integrate them into the context of their larger focuses in learning.

4 We provide a dual language curriculum.
Students are taught Hebrew using Tal Am, a whole language immersion program. Research suggests that early foreign language education improves overall school performance, produces superior problem-solving skills, develops listening skills and promotes creative growth and awareness of cultural diversity.

5 We encourage personal exploration and expression.
AJA students have choice when it comes to their learning. Guided by their teachers, students are given opportunities to explore the topics and questions that pique their curiosity and stoke the fire of their intellect.

For example, Eighth grade students can choose to participate in Passion Projects, a capstone learning experience in which the student explores their passions, whether that’s stand-up comedy, scientific inventions, dance, or aerospace. The students then present their studies and findings in a TED Talk style presentation for classmates, teachers, family, and friends.

6 Every child is seen and valued at Austin Jewish Academy.
Our small class-size and remarkable faculty and staff work hard every day to make sure each student is seen and valued.

We are able to give each child personalized attention with an average class size of 12 students and a curricular focus on differentiation.

Additionally we have two Learning Specialists and a school counselor, working to meet each child where they are and help them reach their potential.

7 Students form lifelong friendships with classmates and teachers.
It’s not unusual for our alumni to visit on their days off school, and their love for their teachers and classmates shines through in their huge smiles as they visit old stomping grounds. So many of our current students and graduates describe AJA as their second home and have stayed close with their mentors and each other.

8 Learning at AJA is fun!
AJA encourages playfulness, cooperation and creativity as our students explore the world through their studies. We believe that students learn best when they understand the relevance of their work and have the freedom to explore and productively challenge ideas. We encourage students to embrace risk and reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth.

For more information about Austin Jewish Academy visit their website at www.austinjewishacademy.org. AJA is now accepting applications to Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth Grade for the 2018-2019 schoolyear. Contact admissions@austinjewishacademy.org to schedule a tour or attend an admissions event.

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