A Look at the Year Ahead  with Women’s Philanthropy Chair Phil Loewy

A Look at the Year Ahead with Women’s Philanthropy Chair Phil Loewy

Women's Philanthropy Chair Phil Loewy. Photo courtesy of Phil Loewy.

Interview conducted by Arielle Levy

The Women’s Philanthropy season launches this September under the leadership of Chair Phil Loewy, with a team of 41 impressive cabinet members, and four ex-officio. It is thanks to the commitment of these community-minded, powerful women that Women's Philanthropy has a great programmatic year full of opportunities for involvement, both meaningful and fun. Working tirelessly since May, Loewy spoke with Women’s Philanthropy and Missions Coordinator Arielle Levy in preparation for the year ahead.

Arielle Levy: What are you most excited about in the upcoming year? What is something you would like to highlight?

Phil Loewy: There are so many things to be excited about this year. Of course, we cannot have a fantastic year without strong leadership. I am extremely thrilled to have you, Arielle Levy, join the Shalom Austin team as the Women’s Philanthropy and Missions Coordinator. And I’m beyond honored to work with the brilliant and enthusiastic women on our cabinet. This year is going to be something special, thanks to them.

In a nutshell, we are re-launching our fabulous Women’s Philanthropy e-newsletter, The Scoop, incorporating more small service components with our social events, and expanding our engagement efforts and relationship building. Plus, we are implementing a new Mentorship Circle leadership development program for our WP cabinet and continuing with the Taste of Women’s Philanthropy program, which is perfect for those wanting to learn more about Women’s Philanthropy and Shalom Austin.

AL: What is the role of Women’s Philanthropy within Shalom Austin?

PL: In my opinion, Women’s Philanthropy is the foundation of Shalom Austin. No matter your background or stage of life, Women’s Philanthropy encourages all Jewish women in Austin to be involved. There are plenty of ways to participate based on your personal interests and comfort level.

Simply put, our mission for Women’s Philanthropy is to “Engage, Educate, Empower.” For education, we enlist speakers and create programs such as Taste of Women’s Philanthropy and L’dor V’dor Ladies (in conjunction with The Rapoport Center), where women can learn more about our community and discuss a variety of Jewish content.

To empower our talented ladies, we focus on leadership development opportunities within our cabinet and encourage lay leaders to leave their personal legacy on our community. With regards to engagement, Women’s Philanthropy orchestrates volunteer opportunities and social events. Because of all of these initiatives, people feel important, impactful and inspired, therefore, driving the Annual Campaign in general and through the Lion of Judah and Pomegranate Giving Societies.

Attending events or serving on Women’s Philanthropy cabinet also teaches women about Shalom Austin and the breadth of what is going on in our community.

AL: How does Women’s Philanthropy support the Austin community?

PL: There are many fabulous Jewish and non-Jewish organizations in Austin. While my husband, Adam, and I personally support many worthy nonprofits, Shalom Austin is our priority as we feel it has the greatest reach in our community. Shalom Austin gives grants to Hillel, Austin Jewish Academy, Birthright, and Jewish camps, to name a few. It provides health and human services through Jewish Family Service. We have a thriving Jewish Community Center that will only get better once we break ground with the Generations Campaign. And our Jewish Foundation is ensuring a vibrant future for generations to come.

Women’s Philanthropy touches all of the branches of Shalom Austin. For example, we partner with JFS for the Senior Adult Luncheons and the JFS Hanukkah Wrap Project. We raise money for the Annual Campaign, which provides resources for programming. We are spearheading endowment and legacy giving with the Foundation. Women’s Philanthropy literally has a hand in everything.

The passion and support of the Jewish women in Austin have no bounds.

AL: What would you like the community to know about Women’s Philanthropy under your direction?

PL: In addition to making people feel connected and good about their investment in Shalom Austin, I want everyone to understand what Women’s Philanthropy is and what we do. All women are welcome, whether you were born Jewish, converted or have a significant other who is Jewish.

My goal is for every woman in Austin to come to at least one Women’s Philanthropy event this year—social, educational or volunteer-oriented. I love visiting with our staunch supporters and it excites me to see new faces. My favorite part of being involved is building relationships and paying forward the enriching experience I had and continue to have thanks to our wonderful community.

Moving to Austin less than five years ago, Phil Loewy has jumped right in. She embraced Austin’s incredibly unique, warm, and welcoming community and could not wait to be a part of a group of philanthropic, intelligent, multi-generational, and multi-faceted women. You are invited to jump right in too. Women’s Philanthropy hopes you will join the group for one, two or all of the events being offered this year.

For the full Women’s Philanthropy calendar, visit shalomaustin.org/wpcalendar.

For more information or to get involved contact Women’s Philanthropy and Missions Coordinator Arielle Levy at arielle.levy@shalomaustin.org.

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